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iFarm is a team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs developing solutions for modern urban farming. Its solutions include solutions for vertical farming of leafy greens and strawberries.


With the help of iFarm technologies enable anyone to grow fresh vegetables, berries, greens and edible flowers for personal use or commercial purposes. The turnkey solutions are  fully automated sustainable, eco-friendly and economically viable. They can also be adapted to any size, so basically you can have a factory or a home greenhouse.


City of Vantaa has started profiling itself as the capital of urban food in Finland and therefore we are very happy to see iFarm as part of our Urban Tech growth program . The work to put Vantaa on the urban food map started within the food cluster in 2019, and dozens of food producers, restaurants and startups are already members of the community.

Urban farming.

The first product, Vantaa-menu, was planned to launch in five local restaurants in the spring of 2020. The menu includes locally produced components as well as elements from famous companies operating in Vantaa.  Some of the greens are already grown in urban environment and to even further emphasis the sustainability of the menu, iFarm products could be useful in producing the components in each restaurant or nearby.


iFarm has received many acknowledgments in startup and foodtech communities, and taking part also in other accelerator programs like EIT Food Accelerator in summer 2020. They also managed to secure 4M$ of funding this year, in spite of the current pandemic. We are very proud to have them as a member in our community and Urban Tech Growth program!



Modern urban farming.

What has the growth program given to iFarm so far? 

”We are proud we were selected to participate, it shows interest of Vantaa in our technologies. We really hope program at the end will help us to cooperate with Vantaa and other cities to make our urban life better and tastier”, says iFarm´s CEO Kirill Zelenski.


This article belongs to a series presenting participants of Urban Tech Growth Program 2020 in Vantaa, Finland. The growth program is organized by 6Cities Ecosystems of Growth project in the Business Development Services of the city of Vantaa.  

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