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Stronger innovation activities and networks in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area opens in new window, links to another website


The joint innovation package of the cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa (HEVi) will strengthen innovation activities and networks in the Helsinki...

Uudenmaan Ruoka Design Sprint


During this spring, Talent Vantaa team has organized two different Design Sprints in collaboration with the Shortcut. Together with amazing...

5 things I’ve learned from our specialist Katri Lahtinen during last weeks´ Design sprint


Whether creating an entirely new service or improving an existing one, service design focuses on what customers really want when interacting with a...

How Vantaa became my home –part 2, Mustafa Ince’s story


According to research, one of the most important aspects of the settling in process of the newcomers in Finland concerns the professional life. Having...

Leadership and Labor Law in the Finnish work environment


During the last year, The City of Vantaa had a fruitful collaboration with Laurea University of Applied Sciences through Talent Vantaa Project.

How Vantaa became my home


Vantaa is a rapidly developing part of the Capital Region, home for more than 237.200 residents. With more than 120 languages being spoken in the all...

Get to know our International Talent Ali Basem Al-Darraji


Just like most entrepreneurs, Ali is highly skilled and passionate about what he’s doing. I’ve met him in Herttoniemi where a year ago he decided to...

Skill mapping focusing on your transferable skills with expert career coach Emilia Deseille


Any experienced career coach will ask you to write down all the things that you enjoy doing, you feel you’re good at, others compliment you for or...