Target group: Entrepreneurs

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The joint innovation package of the cities of Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa (HEVi) will strengthen innovation activities and networks in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. HEVI is based on an innovation ecosystem agreement made with the state, within which the cities will create a large project package

How Vantaa became my home –part 2, Mustafa Ince’s story


According to research, one of the most important aspects of the settling in process of the newcomers in Finland concerns the professional life. Having an integration plan is one of the most important tools, as well as having the support to navigate through the Finnish job market is crucial for any

Guidance and counseling services

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Palveluita ja tukea mm. oman osaamisen tunnistamiseen ja työllistymiseen liittyen.

Settling-in services

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Support for employees and their families arriving from abroad, as well as for employers who wish to use the assistance of relocation services in their recruitment process.

Mentoring and networking

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Tukea verkostoitumiseen ja tietoa yliopistojen Talent -ohjelmista.

Capacity building

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Services developing job searching and language skills and services promoting entrepreneurship.

Talent Vantaa

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Use of international expertise can be a decisive competitive advantage for a company when functioning in the global context. Talent Vantaa offers information and guidance for the internationalization of a work community in all of its phases. We are part of the national Talent Boost network. Find out

How Vantaa became my home


Vantaa is a rapidly developing part of the Capital Region, home for more than 237.200 residents. With more than 120 languages being spoken in the all the 7 areas of the city, no wonder Vantaa is considered an attractive and multicultural place by many internationals. With excellent transport

Get to know our International Talent Ali Basem Al-Darraji


Just like most entrepreneurs, Ali is highly skilled and passionate about what he’s doing. I’ve met him in Herttoniemi where a year ago he decided to create his own future. He took his passion for cars next level and together with his friend Ahmed opened a mechanic garage. This is Ali Basem Al

Get to know our International Talent – ph.d Anna Lenkewitz-Salminen


Today I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with one of the most beloved figures in the NGO world, Anna Lenkewitz-Salminen. Even though she could never imagine herself living anywhere else but Germany, she fell for Finland. ‘Pretty much after I came here for the first time (2011) to work