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Bout is a MaaS platform for water transportation, increasing the accessibility of maritime locations for consumers. The application connects passengers with different service providers through a simple UI, handles the communication and payments. Passengers can search, book and pay the trips and focus on enjoying the sea views and fresh air – very important during current times. Finding new solutions to city traffic problems is important also beyond the pandemic.

Sea view from a boat and a Bout-logo.

Bout uses pre-approved pick-up and drop-off points to ensure safe travels. The app has been piloted in Helsinki, Finland and most recently in Stockholm. Since the world is full of great cities in maritime locations, it is easy to say that Bout will have great opportunities in the future.

Before Urban Tech Growth program, Bout has been participating also in the EU-funded Last Mile projects, coordinated by the city of Vantaa. Last Mile project aimed to improve mobility of tourists, employees and residents in the metropolitan area in addition to the current transport system. You can read more about the pilot in Helsinki here.

The Last Mile project also took a couple of pilot companies to Smart City Expo Barcelona in 2019 and gave them an opportunity to present their solution to a variety of city representatives and other customers.

In addition to Urban Tech growth program, Bout is also part of Nordic Startup School Autumn 20 batch.

What has the growth program given to Bout so far? 

“The program has been very rewarding with its workshops and visiting speakers. It’s really refreshing to step aside from the daily operations for a moment and clarify the core parts such as value proposition etc. Sharing thoughts with other founders in the program never harmed anyone either!”, says Bout’s COO Teemu Terttunen.

Check out Bout’s short introduction video here.

This article belongs to a series presenting participants of Urban Tech Growth Program 2020 in Vantaa, Finland. The growth program is organized by 6Cities Ecosystems of Growth project in the Business Development Services of the city of Vantaa. 

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