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If you are active on LinkedIn, you might have read by now some of her articles from the ‘Inspired by Experts’ series. Today’s story features Ekaterina Podnebesnikova, a very determined young lady, originally from Saint-Petersburg, who came to Finland 3 years ago.

Ekaterina Podnebesnikova

Photo credit: Ekaterina Podnebesnikova

I am an active person and always open to something new.

Ekaterina has been studying Economics as her first degree in Russia but coming to Finland she decided to gain some international competence in business, hence she has studied the Business Administration program specializing in Marketing at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. “Since I came to Finland, I became so curious about marketing. While studying at University, I used all the opportunities to increase my knowledge in this field. I participated in different conferences and events. I am an active person and always open to something new.”

Hard work has helped her adapt to the Finnish work environment and find a job she is very much passionate about. 

I completed an internship in the start-up world and today I am part of the Product Management team at ABB Drives company. In my job, I focus on the creation of customer-centric marketing materials. 

My goal is to help young talents to succeed in their work-life.

Being so self-motivated and driven, she decided to take her passion for continuous development one step further and launched an interview series on her LinkedIn profile.

In the summer I started to lead the “Inspired by experts” project. I learn a lot from having interviews with different experienced people, it helps me with my future career and personal development. My goal is to help young talents to succeed in their work-life. They can find answers in my posts for some of the topics they might be interested in.

She wants to understand what makes people tick and what drives their behaviour, hence she is an avid consumer of psychology articles and videos. “Psychology is helping me successfully communicate with different people. “

Ekaterina Podnebesnikova

Photo Credit: Ekaterina Podnebesnikova, personal archive

 Always say ‘YES’ to new opportunities.

“I would advise people who are moving abroad to be active as much as possible. Always say ‘yes’ to new opportunities. It is very important not to fear failure!

Only by making mistakes, we can get new experiences and next time change the behaviour.”

She is most inspired by her husband and by seeing others succeed. “My husband inspires me a lot every day. He came to Finland as foreign student and today he achieved incredible success in his engineering career.”

Having a balanced lifestyle is surely important for Ekaterina, hence feeling happy, both home and at work is something she very much desires and values. “In order to feel successful at work, being part of a good team is crucial for me. Also, having the good infrastructure and developing area where I live here in Vantaa, makes me happy every day since we are working from home.”

I would like to contribute to the Finnish society by helping international talents to adapt here quicker.

Part of her future plan is to continually develop and grow herself both personally and professionally:” I would like to contribute to Finnish society by helping international talents to adapt here quicker. The sooner they become successful they can enrich their community. That is the reason I am open to dialogue and want to share my experience.”

Ekaterina is interested in future cooperation opportunities or mentoring projects as she has benefited from some herself, hence she warmly recommends them to most internationals living here in Finland.

I participated in Entry Point mentoring program that has incredibly affected my career’s success. I had an experienced mentor who helped me integrate quickly into the Finnish work environment. I would recommend everyone to try the mentorship experience. It is magical. 

So if you’re looking to pick her brains on marketing and communication topics, don’t hesitate to reach out to her or find her on LinkedIn at

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