Target group: Immigrants

Machine translation on to help you understand


Vantaa's website pages can now be machine translated to more than a hundred languages. Machine translations help you understand the contents of the pages, especially when no official translation is available.

The very first Welcome to Vantaa Event


The very first Welcome to Vantaa Event on 17.1.2023 at Tikkurila Library

Talent Hackathon

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The Talent Hackathon 2023 is a two-day event that brings together a group of students with different majors by using creative methods to solve tasks and problems provided by our partnered companies.

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Vantaa's multilingual guidance gives advice on for example living, working, hobbies and filling out forms.

Uudenmaan Ruoka Design Sprint


During this spring, Talent Vantaa team has organized two different Design Sprints in collaboration with the Shortcut. Together with amazing international talents we have developed several prototypes to help solve real life challenges in creative ways. By using design sprint methodologies, the

A unique service focused on helping international newcomers feel at home, connect with others, and better navigate the Finnish job market.

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The Spouse Program aims to help companies retain their international talent by assisting international spouses in adjusting to life in Finland.

5 things I’ve learned from our specialist Katri Lahtinen during last weeks´ Design sprint


Whether creating an entirely new service or improving an existing one, service design focuses on what customers really want when interacting with a business. Understanding what the end user needs and likes is paramount in today’s economy, hence the importance of having a skilled service designer in

Guidance and counseling services

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Palveluita ja tukea mm. oman osaamisen tunnistamiseen ja työllistymiseen liittyen.

Mentoring and networking

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Tukea verkostoitumiseen ja tietoa yliopistojen Talent -ohjelmista.

Capacity building

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Services developing job searching and language skills and services promoting entrepreneurship.