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The very first Welcome to Vantaa Event


The very first Welcome to Vantaa Event on 17.1.2023 at Tikkurila Library

Talent Hackathon

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The Talent Hackathon 2023 is a two-day event that brings together a group of students with different majors by using creative methods to solve tasks and problems provided by our partnered companies.

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A unique service focused on helping international newcomers feel at home, connect with others, and better navigate the Finnish job market.

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The Spouse Program aims to help companies retain their international talent by assisting international spouses in adjusting to life in Finland.

Knowhow and involvement – children and the young to participate in making more sustainable food culture opens in new window, links to another website


The goal of the project is to increase eating percentages while simultaneously diminishing Meal Services’ carbon footprint, as well as to teach children and the young the principles of sustainable lifestyles.

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The matriculation examination is an upper secondary degree that aims to strengthen transversal general competence. To obtain this degree, upper secondary schools organise matriculation examinations twice a year.