Join our Talent Hackathon 2023!

Are you ready to learn more and network? Join the Talent Hackathon to have awesome experiences with others while solving real-life challenges of companies in creative ways and get a great chance to network with local employers.

The Talent Hackathon 2023 will take place at VALO Hotel in Helsinki from 9.3.2023-10.3.2023.

The apply period to the Talent Hackathon 2023 has ended.

What is Talent Hackathon?

Are you an international student studying in Finland or recently graduated? Participate in the Talent Hackathon 2023!

The Talent Hackathon is a new two-day event that gives you a possibility to network with local companies and learn more about design thinking.

Talent Hackathon - a hackathon for international students and recently graduated internationals

The Talent Hackathon brings together a group of students with different majors, and during the event participants will get a challenge to solve tasks and problems in a creative way provided by our partnered companies. If you are open-minded and interested in improving your knowledge, willing to develop yourself, and interested in solving problems with other people - The Talent Hackathon 2023 is for you!

Networking is the key in Finland

Participants will not only focus on tackling real tasks from various companies with creative thinking but also have a great chance to build networks with local companies and gain experience. During the hackathon, participants will learn how to apply design thinking methods while solving real challenges from versatile companies. You get a great chance to network with employers while showing your ideas and skills while team working together!

Talent Hackathon - What's coming up?

You have still possibility to take part in the Talent Hackathon and to solve the challenges presented by High Metal, over 70 years old start-up company in industrial business.

Can I join this event?

Sure! The event is targeted at international students who are studying currently at Finnish Universities or Universities of Applies Sciences or have recently graduated. There are no other requirements, just to be open for a challenge!

Why to take part?

Participants will learn more about design thinking and innovative working, get experience solving real-life challenges of local companies, and have a chance to network with them. Creating connections with different companies is important at the start of your work life in Finland, maybe you have a possibility to network with your future employer during the event!


You can find this year's partner companies below. Partner companies will give you a challenge, which you will try solve during our event with your teammates. Companies also assign their experts and recruiters to join the hackathon to mentor the teams and network with you.


You will be teaming up with other students with multidisciplinary backgrounds to solve real problems offered by our partner companies - don't worry, our facilitators will help you to achieve your goals!


The event will be held at VALO Hotel & Work in Helsinki. VALO combines a high-end hotel into the work environment, and provides the vibrant energy from a workspace into the hush of a hotel. Our participants will work in teams to turn the hotel room into a magic creativity center. VALO Hotel & Work is also one of our partnered companies to join this Hackathon.


Spinverse will be facilitating the Talent Hackathon together with a team of great innovators and mentors from our partner companies. Spinverse is the Nordic leader in innovation consulting, helping customers grow and solve global challenges with innovations.

Company Challenges - Talent Hackathon 2023

Meet our partner companies with whom you will get a chance to network during the hackathon. These companies will provide you with the challenge which you are going to solve in the Talent Hackathon 2023!

Valo Hotel & Work - Hybrid hospitality innovation

VALO represents a new kind of hybrid hotel, combining events, meeting and co-working facilities with hotel accommodation and restaurant services. ​They are bringing new ideas to change the way we work, meet, live and travel.

More about VALO opens in new window, links to another website

Challenges of VALO

In this hackathon, VALO is eager to hear your suggestions and ideas on one or more of the following topics. How might they make a hybrid hotel the most attractive employer option for hospitality students? And how might they better onboard new employees to such hybrid operations?​ What new opportunities might hybrid model offer in terms of services, target groups or experiences?

For who?

The student participants of this challenge can have varied backgrounds and be interested in not only hospitality but also e.g. business and sales. Most importantly, you should be enthusiastic about VALO's hybrid model and the opportunities it provides for work and life.

High Metal - Renewing swimming pool business

High Metal designs and manufactures customized and acid-resistant stainless steel pools, ranging from small hot and cold tubs to large swimming pools. Their pools are jointless, making them durable, hygienic, and easy to maintain — an excellent choice for both public and private facilities.​

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Challenges of High Metal

High Metal has two challenges, a technical challenge and a business challenge. The technical one is to figure out what other materials could be utilized in making the pools, and to design a new pool solution utilizing these materials along with the steel surface boards.​ The business challenge is to figure out what would be the kind of steel pool that serves the international market best, and to create a marketing plan for it. ​What kinds of use cases for a steel pool would have the most demand in the European market?​ How and in which channels should such a dream pool be promoted?

For who?

The first challenge is targeted to students in, for example, material technology, industrial/product design, mechanical engineering and related fields, able to consider constraints and qualities of different materials for the product to be feasible. ​The other challenge is targeted at business and marketing students or any students with interest and opinions on how to internationalize High Metal's pool business.

ManpowerGroup - Here to stay

ManpowerGroup delivers the expertise and talent-related capabilities that companies need to leverage the power of people within their organization. Their brands and offerings address the complex workforce challenges organizations face today, from staffing to outsourcing to strategic consulting. ​

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Challenges of ManpowerGroup

The challenge is to identify and create suggestions for international students/graduates to be willing to stay Finland, to identify what recruiters and employers could do to improve the experience and comfort to be employed in Finland. The suggestions should include answers to some of the following questions: ​What makes an employer attractive to internationals, in terms of values, mission, culture etc.?​ What kinds of wishes and expectations do internationals have for their Finnish employers and the recruitment process?​ Which channels and media would reach the internationals best during the recruitment process?​ What kind of support would they need for during school/ after graduation/ during first employment?

For who?

This challenge is targeted at all students regardless of their background, as ManpowerGroup is eager to hear a variety of perspectives and ideas on the topic.

VR - Welcome onboard!

VR takes care of the passenger services of railways in Finland. They operate more than one thousand passenger trains a day. As a provider of an ecological option for travelling, VR’s goal is to help drive Finland towards carbon neutrality.

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Challenges of VR

The challenge is to come up with new ideas for how to inspire people to choose the train instead of driving, even for just one trip, thus enticing private car users to trains. VR is eager to hear your suggestions on one of these two aspects. The first one is: How they could better promote train travelling? Identify and create suggestions that would inspire people to choose the train instead of a car. The description of the idea should include at least the storyline, key messages, and target group. The second challenge is: How could VR improve the train experience to make it the preferred travelling option? Think of the current passenger experience and VR service design and suggest how it could be changed or improved to make it more attractive for passengers.

For who?

This challenge is targeted for all students regardless of their background, as VR is looking forward to hearing a wide range of perspectives and ideas on the topic.