How Vantaa became my home –part 2, Mustafa Ince’s story


According to research, one of the most important aspects of the settling in process of the newcomers in Finland concerns the professional life. Having an integration plan is one of the most important tools, as well as having the support to navigate through the Finnish job market is crucial for any foreign-language speaker in search of a job.

Kuvassa Mustafa Ince

In order to help internationals, integrate better and find employment, City of Vantaa is offering them individual one to one coaching services that will help with finding work directly in the open labour market or improve employment possibilities through training.

Vantaa Skills Center also offers support for foreigners in identifying their competency areas, find employment or develop their professional skills. For more information on the service, go to Vantaa Skills Center's website or contact your personal coach if you are already a customer.

One of the very well-trained career coaches that work in Vantaa’s Skills Centre is Mustafa Ince. Since October last year he has been helping foreigners identify or start their career path in Finland. "There was a need for a coach with a teaching background and multi-lingual skills, and as I met both requirements, I applied for the job. I have experience in teaching English to different ages and I have been previously working in a multi-cultural environment. "

"I am really happy helping and guiding people who are in need of clarity."

"I have been studying Finnish language and studying pedagogical studies in Finland for three years. I worked as a teacher assistant in a special needs education school and then I started working as a career coach. Here in Vantaa Competence Centre, foreigners get support to build their future career. I am really happy helping and guiding people who are in need of clarity."

Just like Healthcare, Education in Finland is one of the most regulated systems to be part of, no wonder Mustafa had to complete more pedagogical studies in order to gather all the necessary number of credits. "After applying to the Finnish National Agency for Education to have my degree recognized, I’ve been advised to complete some more credits for the pedagogical module. So, overall, in order to be introduced in the Finnish education system, I completed my studies in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, continuing with the Finnish language course as part of the integration plan. I can proudly say now I have a B2 Finnish language level."

"In Finland I have discovered the concept of "lifelong learning"

"Before moving here in 2017, I thought I am quite settled in my teaching career having a MA and extensive knowledge. But in Finland I have discovered the concept of "lifelong learning" and that motivated me to study even further. I have also thought that I am friendly and outgoing, here I understood I still have to gain some social skills in order to build rapport and connect with others."

"I am interested in anything dynamic from sports to meeting new people from different cultures."

When he is not working or studying, Mustafa is active outdoors, walking in the forest or swimming.

 "I have volunteered helping asylum seekers to ease their life situation. I have completed a volunteering course to become a local guide and peer supporter for foreigners. I am interested in anything dynamic from sports to meeting new people from different cultures."

"Inspiration could come from everyone. Especially from a child."

When it comes to role models, Mustafa is a strong believer that anyone you meet can teach you something. "I don’t have any role models and I think that inspiration could come from everyone. You just have to be a good observer.  In Albania I have been successfully managing a kindergarten and children used to inspire me every day with their positivity towards life. Just like them, we have to be present and observe."

"When it comes to integration, there’s no "one-size-fits-all" sort of advice"

There are more than 120 languages being spoken in the all the 7 areas of Vantaa, so being able to guide and offer support in Turkish, Kurdish, Albanian, English and Finnish is definitely something Mustafa founds very rewarding about his role as a career coach.  "From personal experience I know how important it is for an outsider to be given clear and precise guidance. One’s future career in Finland may depend on my advice so I take a lot of responsibility in my everyday role. When it comes to integration, there’s no "one-size-fits-all" sort of advice as there are circumstantial factors to influence one’s career.

"I’m doing my best to offer individually tailored solutions."

"Daily, I see customers with various needs, so I help with anything from searching Finnish language classes to labour market training courses based on my costumer´s needs and educational background. I’m doing my best to offer individually tailored solutions.  We also have a program where we are teaching jobseekers how to prepare a video CV. It proved to be quite popular as it has been a trend for a while. Additionally, Vantaa Competence Centre is cooperating with various companies to facilitate employment of our customers by agreeing a work trial or work training."

"Understanding multiculturalism would enrich Finnish society"

Mustafa would like to contribute to the Finnish society by bringing that optimism in the everyday life interactions and hopes to find a sustainable way of doing that. "I think multiculturalism brings different aspects to the success and integration. I would like to help foreigners accelerate their integration and introduce the immigrants´ life aspect to the Finnish people. Understanding multiculturalism would enrich Finnish society."


"I am always motivated to help and support people around me"


Having both an open heart and mind, Mustafa is available and interested in future cooperation opportunities, such as mentoring for example. "Cooperation has always helped me, hence I have  good and strong relations with my colleagues and costumers. I am always motivated to help and support people around me as we all need a helping hand sometimes.  As an international, I feel comfortable in Vantaa, it’s such a multicultural city. I am also really satisfied being here at Vantaa Competence Centre, even though sometimes can be challenging. On the other hand, I feel valued by my manager, she has been motivating and supporting me since day 1."

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