Neuvova Vantaa

The Neuvova Vantaa development project aims to support accessibility of foreign-language counseling and flexibility of guidance in Vantaa by developing and establishing low-threshold multilingual counseling and the city’s multilingual communication, as well as by establishing cooperation and partnerships between the different actors.

Neuvova Vantaa -hankkeen tiimi: Irina, Jenni, Pirkko ja Aadan.

Neuvova Vantaa - development project to improve multi-actors’ counseling to immigrants

Who is the service meant for? Our customers comprise all foreign-language speakers in Vantaa, as well as employees providing guidance and counseling to foreign-language speakers in Vantaa. 

Why? We support the flexibility of services aimed at the city’s foreign-language speakers, as well as those working in guidance and counseling tasks. 


  • By developing low-threshold counseling.  

  • By developing accessible and multilingual communication.  

  • By promoting and bolstering networking cooperation.  

  • By offering information and support.  

  • By arranging training and knowhow-development options. 

Multilingual counseling in Vantaa and Helsinki 

Coordinated by the project, Vantaa multilingual counseling has been opened at Myyrmäki and Tikkurila Vantaa Infos, as well as at International House Helsinki in Sörnäinen. The counseling languages are Finnish, Swedish, English, Estonian, Russian, Arabic, Somali, Dari, and Farsi. In addition, immediate interpretation over the phone is provided. The project, moreover, pilots group-form and outreach counseling, as well as multiprofessional cooperation. 

Developing multilingual communication 

The Neuvova Vantaa project supports and boosts city-level multilingual communication, overseen by a communications coordinator. The key goal is to develop city-level multilingual communication to improve the accessibility of real-time and reliable information, to activate the residents, as well as to guarantee better services for them.   

Join our growing cooperation network!

At present, the Neuvova Vantaa network consists of over one hundred municipal, state and organizational actors. The network is open to everybody working with foreign-language speakers. The network arranges monthly thematic networking  infos, workshops, networking  meetings for those in counseling tasks, as well as the annual Vantaa integration networking fair. Neuvova Vantaa’s partnership expert also consults about services for foreign-language speakers and acts as a bridge between different actors, when planning new forms of cooperation.  
Fill in the Webropol form (in Finnish) and join the Neuvova Vantaa network. 

The activities are financed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland

The project is financed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland (MEAE) and the City of Vantaa. Vantaa participates in the development network of more than twenty municipalities and the joint regional authority. The aim of the grant awarded is to boost immigrants’ integration and employment in municipalities by developing low-threshold information and guidance activities in multiprofessional cooperation. The grant is spent on developing a national guidance and information services network that aims to better satisfy the guidance and information requirements in its area, through municipal, organizational, and multichannel partnering.  Extra focus is put to those cities and rural centers that have a large number of foreign-language speakers.  

The activities are connected with the government program's goals for integration of immigrants that strive to bolster, intensify and hasten active integration of immigrants into Finnish society by improving the quality, binding, and effectiveness of integration services. 

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More information

Aadan Ibrahim

Project Manager

Mariam Bahafid

Project Specialist
040 540 2819

Partnership Specialist, multilingual guidance (Arabic, Finnish)

Irina Aljasmäe

Project Specialist
040 540 0253

Multilingual Advisor, multilingual guidance (Estonian, Russian, Finnish)

Nina Leskelä

Project Specialist
040 849 3916

Project communications, cooperation network management