Capacity Campus Vantaa

Capacity Campus is a working name for the hub of continuous learning and local innovation environment that will be built in Tikkurila area in Vantaa. The Capacity Campus is a strong investment to the vibrancy and growth of the City of Vantaa.

Project status
Visio oppimiskampuksen sijoittumisesta Vantaan Tikkurilaan

It has been noticed that the professional skills and knowhow of the Finns need continuous updating in a constantly changing operational environment. The needs and operative models of the businesses and working life are in the process of disruptive change. There is a need to develope more agile ways to develope competencies of individuals and organisations to respond to the challenges.

The fast growing and multicultural City of Vantaa has prepared its own respond to the challenges related to the situation. The vision of the Capacity Campus is to provide solutions to the existing skills missmatch of the labor market by developing the professional and continuous learning. The Capasity Campus will become a unique place that serves customer orientedly students, job seekers, employers and businesses. The services of the Capacity Campus will be co-created together with the wide partner network consisting of educational institutions, businesses and public employment and business services. 

The aim is to build both physical and digital platforms for the future co-operation of the campus ecosystem. As a physical enviroment, the Capacity Campus creates new urban culture based on sustainability and inclusiveness. The sustainability requires flexibility of transformation and smart digital solutions from space desing. The digital platform allows partners to join the co-operation despite their location and enables the tailored study paths. The new ecosystem of the Capacity Campus will boost co-creation of services, as well as research, development and innovation activities, creating a local open innovation platform.

The Capacity Campus area is located at a great logistic spot in the heart of Tikkurila, next to the railroad station, close to the airport and next to the coming tram line. The Capacity Campus strenghtens the role of the City of Vantaa as one of the engines of growth regionally.

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Ulla Boer

City of Vantaa
Programme Manager
+358 40 6401971